About the project

Welcome to Jičín!
The Jičín Architectural Manual is a modern, virtual guide to the architecture of Jičín. It is disseminated online and supported by printed brochures. The method it employs places it squarely in the “family” of architectural manuals pioneered by the Brno Architectural Manual. The focus of our interest is the modern town, i.e. Jičín in the period from 1850 to the present, knowledge of which is key to understanding the town we live in today.
The guide is divided into separate walks, but the user can also pick out texts on specific buildings or architects to read individually. The guide assimilates the results of expert research conducted by historians, architectural and art historians, experts in the conservation of cultural heritage, and from other sources – newly acquired photographs, archive photographs and postcards, as well as modern and archive town plans. We publish the texts in parallel, in Czech, English and Polish. We are also planning to create audio recordings for each building. 
Concept and co-ordination
Eva Chodějovská
Gabriela Adámková-Petrová
Tamara Baudišová
Eva Bílková
Eva Chodějovská
Radka Janků
Hubert Hesoun
Graphic design
Tuan Vuong Trong in collaboration with Zdeněk Franc
Technical support
Via Aurea s.r.o.
3D models
Marie Chodúrová
Vojtěch Janda
Eva Chodějovská
Radek Jiránek
James Preston (English)
Renata Bartoš and Adam Baudiš (Polish)

Photographs and postcards have been provided by
the Regional Museum and Gallery in Jičín (Regionální muzeum a galerie v Jičíně), Jiří Boček, Oldřich Havlíček, Jiří Ullrich, Hugo Zellerin